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Friendly Valley Romance Trilogy

Friendly Valley Romance Trilogy

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Book 1: Frozen Cowboy

A powerful businesswoman, a yak farm, and a cowboy collide in a mountain town...

Stacy Timmons does not know why a distant relative left her a ranch in the middle of nowhere, but she’s determined to sell the place as soon as possible. Once she arrives in Friendly, it’s clear the place will need a lot of work before she can sell it. Luckily, there’s a barely employed cowboy who can’t help but offer his services.

Book 2: Crooked Cowboy

Harley just got out of prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Jayda is hiding in the mountains after a scandal at work. Sparks fly when their paths cross, but is love enough to overcome their demons?

Book 3: Christmas Cowboy

After her husband announced he wanted a divorce last Christmas, Laney decided she was never EVER celebrating Christmas again! She heads to her aunt's ranch in Friendly Valley, where she plans to work on any of the many projects her aunt has lined up. In the past, her aunt and uncle barely recognized holidays, so she figures it's a great place to skip Christmas. But once Laney arrives, she notices that things have changed. Her aunt and uncle have the Christmas spirit, and there is a tall, strong, very attractive—but annoying — cowboy who insists on bringing Christmas cheer into Laney's life.

Main Tropes

Christmas, cowboy, small town, western


Laney is NEVER celebrating Christmas again! Can a charming warm hearted cowboy change her mind?

Intro In Chapter One

“Laney McGee collected her luggage from the side of the train, dragging the heavy suitcase over to the small, snow-covered waiting area. The soft flakes crunched under her shoes, causing her to slip several times on her way to the dilapidated shelter. Visibility was low, and it didn’t help that the snow was creating a messy fog on her glasses.
Should have kept my contacts in. Actually, I should have stayed home all together.
The train station was nothing more than a small shack, and although it was ten in the morning, the place was locked up. Laney hadn’t put much thought into the trip. Her main goal was to get away from all the memories she’d shared with her ex-husband. But this was a little extreme.
Her mother’s words echoed in her head as she mulled over the decision she had made. “A trip to Betty and Sam’s? In the winter? Laney, that is insane! They live in the mountains and my sister doesn’t believe in vacations. She’s going to have you cleaning tables, fixing tractors, and milking cows. I know you’re feeling down about Christmas, but you should stick around.”

“I’ll be too busy to think about anything. Sounds perfect,” Laney answered. But now that she was standing on the side of a rundown train station, she was less sure of her choice.
Only six other people had exited the train at the Friendly Valley stop. Three had moved quickly to cars that were waiting in the parking lot, but Laney and two others were shivering on the platform, waiting for transportation. Was this a mistake? Laney shook her head in frustration and pulled out her cellphone.
Great. Only twenty-five percent power left. She quickly tapped out a text to her aunt. “Hey, Aunt Betty! I’m at the train station. It’s closed, so I’ll be on the platform when you get here.”
“Please hurry,” Laney muttered to herself. She had dug through her luggage for her gloves before exiting off the train, but had no luck. She quickly put her phone and hands back in her jacket pockets, her fingers turning numb by the second. A strong wind blew across the platform, kicking snow up into Laney’s face. Her mother’s voice echoed in her head once more.
“There is a reason we only visit your Aunt Betty and Sam in the summer.”

Excerpt From
Christmas Cowboy
Braylee B. Parkinson
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