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Reluctant Cowboy: A Friendly Valley Romance (PREORDER)

Reluctant Cowboy: A Friendly Valley Romance (PREORDER)

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Blake Peterson is going home after years of service in the United States Army. Everything--including all of his family and friends--have changed. He never wanted to be a cowboy and returning to this tiny western town doesn't make him happy, but when his sister called and told him the family could use his help, Blake bought a one-way ticket home. Newly single after a divorce, he hopes his new job as the executive chef at a local restaurant will be a bright spot in his homecoming. 

Maribel is a single mom with two jobs and she doesn’t have time for ridiculous things like fancy food created by an executive chef. When a familiar face shows up and changes the entire menu, she recalls how annoying--and cute -- her ex-best friend, Blake, had been in high school. Mr. Goody Two Shoes had tried to keep her on the straight and narrow back then. When Maribel pursued her wild streak, the two--who had been friends since kindergarten--went their separate ways.

Will Maribel and Blake pick up where they left off? Or has too much time passed for them to make amends? Will they rekindle their friendship, find love, or go their separate ways? Find out in this heartwarming western romance!


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